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Henry Gantt

Data de nascimento: 20. Maio 1861
Data de falecimento: 23. Novembro 1919


Henry Laurence Gantt foi um engenheiro mecânico norte-americano.

Em 1887 foi trabalhar na Midvale Steel e se tornou assistente no departamento de engenharia, onde Frederick Taylor era o engenheiro-chefe de produção. Em 1888 tornou-se assistente direto de Taylor. Gantt era também um inventor prático, e junto com Taylor registrou seis patentes. É o inventor do diagrama de Gantt.

Citações Henry Gantt

„Finance and industry must be socialized somehow“

—  Henry Gantt
Context: Finance and industry must be socialized somehow. If we refuse to do it from the bottom we shall have to do it from the top, and doing it from the top means the emergence of many Prussias — with wars upon wars. Henry Gantt cited in: Leon Pratt Alford (1934) Henry Laurence Gantt, leader in industry. p. 265. Highlighted section quoted in: Henry Mintzberg (1994) The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning. p. 169.


„The greatest problem before engineers and managers today is the economical utilization of labor. The limiting of output by the workman, and the limiting by the employer of the amount a workman is allowed to earn, are both factors which militate against that harmonious co-operation of employer and employee which is essential to their highest common good.“

—  Henry Gantt
H.L. Gantt (1904) paper presented before the International Congress of Arts and Sciences at the Louisiana Purchase Exhibition, St. Louis, 1904. Published in: H.L. Gantt (1910) Work, Wages, and Profits: Their Influence on the Cost of Living. 1910.

„It is becoming perfectly clear that the principles underlying industrial and military efficiency are the same and that a nation, to be efficient in a military sense, must first be efficient industrially“

—  Henry Gantt
p. 936) cited in: P.B. Petersen (1986) "Correspondence from Henry L. Gantt to an old friend reveals new information about Gantt". In: Journal of Management Fall 1986 vol. 12 no. 3 pp. 339-350.

„The aim of our efficiency has not been to produce goods, but to harvest dollars... The production of goods was always secondary to the securing of dollars.“

—  Henry Gantt
H.L. Gantt cited in: Walter N. Polakov (1922) "The measurement of human work" in: Wallace Clark (1922) The Gantt chart, a working tool of management. New York, Ronald Press. Preface. p. 152.


„Engineers were the only members of the community "who understand the needs of the nation, desires of the workmen, and the power of the productive forces"“

—  Henry Gantt
p. 332 as cited in: J.T. Knoedler (1997) "Veblen and technical efficiency". In: Journal of Economic Issues, Vol. 31, No. 4 (Dec., 1997), pp. 1011-1026.

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