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Henry Campbell-Bannerman

Data de nascimento: 7. Setembro 1836
Data de falecimento: 22. Abril 1908


Henry Campbell-Bannerman GCB foi um político britânico, Primeiro-ministro do Reino Unido pelo Partido Liberal.

Foi Secretário de Guerra e Secretário para a Irlanda no Gabinete de William Ewart Gladstone. Campbell-Bannerman não era um exímio orador, mas tinha uma boa reputação por ser um grande operador político, sendo bem articulado e em 1898, se transformou no líder liberal da Câmara dos Comuns. Opôs-se a Primeira Guerra dos Bôeres e lutou por reformas sociais, tornando-se uma das figuras mais importantes na ala progressiva do partido. Assumiu o Gabinete com a renúncia de Arthur Balfour, a convite de Eduardo VII.

Em seu governo, realizou um acordo com a Rússia, introduziu diversas reformas liberais e aprovou o "Trades Disputes Act" e o " Provision of School Meals Act" .Faleceu logo após renunciar, ainda na residência oficial dos primeiros-ministros britânicos, em 10 Downing Street.

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Citações Henry Campbell-Bannerman

„All that he said about the clean state and efficiency was an affront to Liberalism & was pure claptrap – Efficiency as a watchword! Who is against it? This is all a mere réchauffé of Mr. Sydney Webb who is evidently the chief instructor of the whole faction“

—  Henry Campbell-Bannerman
Letter to Herbert Gladstone on Rosebery's speech advocating national efficiency collectivism (18 December, 1901), quoted in John Wilson, C.B.: A Life of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (London: Constable, 1973), p. 371.


„Liberal politics meant the politics of common-sense.“

—  Henry Campbell-Bannerman
The Spectator (17 February 1984), pp. 223-224, quoted in John Wilson, C.B.: A Life of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (London: Constable, 1973), p. 230.


„... the concentration of human beings in towns... is contrary to nature, and... this abnormal existence is bound to issue in suffering, deterioration, and gradual destruction to the mass of the population... countless thousands of our fellow-men, and still a larger number of children... are starved of air and space and sunshine.... This view of city life, which is gradually coming home to the heart and understanding and the conscience of our people, is so terrible that it cannot be put away. What is all our wealth and learning and the fine flower of our civilisation and our Constitution and our political theories – what are all these but dust and ashes, if the men and women, on whose labour the whole social fabric is maintained, are doomed to live and die in darkness and misery in the recesses of our great cities? We may undertake expeditions on behalf of oppressed tribes and races, we may conduct foreign missions, we may sympathise with the cause of unfortunate nationalities; but it is our own people, surely, who have the first claim upon us... the air must be purified... the sunshine must be allowed to stream in, the water and the food must be kept pure and unadulterated, the streets light and clean... the measure of your success in bringing these things to pass will be the measure of the arresting of the terrible powers of race degeneration which is going on in the countless sunless streets.“

—  Henry Campbell-Bannerman
Speech in Belmont (25 January, 1907), quoted in John Wilson, C.B.: A Life of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (London: Constable, 1973), p. 588.

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