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Heinz von Foerster

Data de nascimento: 13. Novembro 1911
Data de falecimento: 2. Outubro 2002


Heinz von Foerster foi um cientista austríaco-americano que combinou a física com a filosofia. Juntamente com Warren McCulloch, Norbert Wiener, John von Neumann, Lawrence J. Fogel, Gregory Bateson, Humberto Maturana, Francisco Varela e outros, von Foerster foi um dos arquitetos da cibernética.

Citações Heinz von Foerster

„Either Stone Age man was a technological wizard, who carefully removed his technological achievements so as not to upset his inferior progeny, or our population dwindled from a once astronomical size to the mere three billions of today.“

— Heinz von Foerster
Von Foerster, Mora and Amiot (1961) "Population Density and Growth". in: Science, Vol 133, 16 June 1961, pp. 1932-37 as cited in: Stuart A. Umpleby (2001) " Heinz von Foerster (1911 - 2002)"


„Objectivity is a subject's delusion that observing can be done without him. Involving objectivity is abrogating responsibility – hence its popularity.“

— Heinz von Foerster
Heinz von Foerster cited in: Bernhard Poerksen (2004). The Certainty of Uncertainty: Dialogues Introducing Constructivism. p.3

„The world, as we perceive it, is our own invention.“

— Heinz von Foerster
Heinz von Foerster (1988) The Invented Reality p.45–46


„I shall act always so as to increase the total number of choices“

— Heinz von Foerster
Heinz von Foerster (1984) " Disorder/Order: Discovery or Invention? p.6

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