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Harold Chestnut

Data de nascimento: 25. Novembro 1917
Data de falecimento: 29. Agosto 2001

Harold Chestnut foi um engenheiro elétrico estadunidense.

Contribuiu para a desenvolvimento dos campos da teoria de controle e engenharia de sistemas.

Citações Harold Chestnut

„In a society which is producing more people, more materials, more things, and more information than ever before, systems engineering is indispensable in meeting the challenge of complexity.“

—  Harold Chestnut

Fonte: Systems Engineering Tools, (1965), p. vii; as cited in: Joseph E. Kasser (2010) " Seven systems engineering myths and the corresponding realities"

„Knowledge about the process being modeled starts fairly low, then increases as understanding is obtained and tapers off to a high value at the end.“

—  Harold Chestnut

Fonte: Systems Engineering Tools, (1965), p. 130 cited in: Melvin Silverman (1996) The Technical Manager's Handbook: A Survival Guide. p. 74

„The process of formulating and structuring a system are important and creative, since they provide and organize the information, which each system. "establishes the number of objectives and the balance between them which will be optimized". Furthermore, they help identify and define the system parts. Furthermore, they help identify and define the system parts which make up its "diverse, specialized structures and subfunctions.“

—  Harold Chestnut

Fonte: Systems Engineering Tools, (1965), Systems Engineering Methods (1967), p. 70; First sentences of Ch. 3. Formulating and Structuring the System
In this text Harold Chestnut is here citing:
C. West Churchman, Russell L. Ackoff, and E. Leonard Arnoff (1957) Introduction to Operations Research. Wiley. New York, and
J. Morley English (1964) "Understanding the Engineering Design Process." The Journal of Industrial Engineering, Nov-Dec. 1964 Vol 15 (6). p. 291-296

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„Engineers should press forward with development to meet the diversified needs of people.“

—  Harold Chestnut

Chestnut (1981) attributed in: Dr. Harold Chestnut: 1981 Honda Prize Laureate in: Honda Prize Ecotechnology Quote

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