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Halle Berry

Data de nascimento: 14. Agosto 1966
Outros nomes:Холли Берри


Halle Berry nascida Halle Maria Berry é uma atriz estadunidense vencedora dos prêmios Oscar, Globo de Ouro, Urso de Prata, Emmy e Screen Actors Guild, Halle se tornou a primeira mulher negra a ganhar o Oscar de melhor atriz principal,com o filme A última ceia. Ela atuou em 007 - Um Novo Dia para Morrer, A Viagem, A Senha: Swordfish, Na Companhia do Medo, Mulher-Gato, A Estranha Perfeita, Robôs, além de ser reconhecida por interpretar a super heroína mutante Tempestade na franquia dos filmes X-Men.Atualmente estrela a série de televisão de ficção científica Extant com a personagem Molly Woods, transmitida pela CBS.

Citações Halle Berry


„Eu quero agradecer à Warner Brothers por ter me escalado naquela m...“

— Halle Berry
Referindo-se ao papel de Mulher-Gato, ao receber o satírico Razzie Awards, como pior atriz do ano

„I've always liked to go down a different path. Being a woman of color, I never followed a cookie cutter way.“

— Halle Berry
Cindy Pearlman (November 17, 2002) "Female Bonding - Hot on the Heels of her Academy-Award Winning Turn in 'Monster's Ball,' Halle Berry Shares the Screen With 007", Chicago Sun-Times, p. 1.


„The fact is that I like thrillers and action movies. But what really fulfills me is getting out of my comfort zone, taking chances.“

— Halle Berry
Terry Lawson (April 8, 2007) "Reporter, Temp, Online Seductress - Berry Revels In Film's Layered Role", Detroit Free Press, p. 1F.

„Sexiness is a state of mind -- a comfortable state of being. It's about loving yourself in your most unlovable moments.“

— Halle Berry
Suzanne Condie Lambert (October 9, 2008) "'Esquire' crowns Berry the sexiest woman alive", The Arizona Republic, p. E6.


„I've never been afraid to be who I really am on screen.“

— Halle Berry
Lana K. Wilson-Combs (November 21, 2003) "Halle Berry finally finds a scary movie she can embrace in 'Gothika'", Alameda Times-Star, Section: Bay Area Living.

„When a young woman tells me that she wants to become and actor, I say, 'No, be a writer. Or go to business school and learn how to run a studio.' The only real change will come from behind the scenes.“

— Halle Berry
On gender issues in the entertainment industry — reported in Geoff Pevere (April 13, 2007) "Berry almost chose bylines over marquees", The Toronto Star, p. D06.

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