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Gough Whitlam

Data de nascimento: 11. Julho 1916
Data de falecimento: 21. Outubro 2014


Edward Gough Whitlam foi um político australiano. Foi primeiro-ministro da Austrália entre 1972 e 1975.

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„I was profoundly embarrassed by it [the White Australia Policy] and did all I could to change it.“

—  Gough Whitlam
Quoted in Paul Kelly, 100 Years – The Australian Story (Allen & Unwin, ABC Books, NSW, 2001), p. 196

„We would do absolutely nothing. Now that's a blunt, truthful answer.“

—  Gough Whitlam
When asked what a Labor government would do if Indonesia were to invade East Timor, in an interview three days before the invasion. Sydney Morning Herald (5 December 1975)

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