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Gordon R. Dickson

Data de nascimento: 1. Novembro 1923
Data de falecimento: 31. Janeiro 2001
Outros nomes: 戈登·R·迪克森, Гордон Діксон, قوردون آر. دیکسون

Gordon Rupert Dickson foi um escritor de ficção científica norte-americano. Dickson é provavelmente mais famoso pelas séries "Childe Cycle" e "Dragon Knight". Ao longo da sua vida venceu três Prémios Hugo e um Prémio Nebula

Citações Gordon R. Dickson

„And someone that brilliant must be a devil?“

—  Gordon R. Dickson, livro Dorsai!
Dorsai! (1960), queried Galt, dryly. “Not at all,” explained Donal, patiently. “But having such intellectual capabilities, a man must show proportionately greater inclinations toward either good or evil than lesser people. If he tends toward evil, he may mask it in himself—he may even mask its effect on the people with which he surrounds himself. But he has no way of producing the reflections of good which would ordinarily be reflected from his lieutenants and initiates—and which, if he was truly good—he would have no reason to try and hide. And by that lack, you can read him.” “Mercenary II” (section 4, p. 386)

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„Exaggeration of confidence,” he said, “is a fault in people who don’t know their business.“

—  Gordon R. Dickson, livro Tactics of Mistake
Tactics of Mistake (1971), Chapter 20 (p. 315). This is an early statement of what would come to be known as the Dunning–Kruger effect.

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