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Göran Persson

Data de nascimento: 20. Janeiro 1949


Hans Göran Persson é um político sueco, filiado no Partido Social Democrata. Foi primeiro-ministro da Suécia entre 22 de março de 1996 e 5 de outubro de 2006.

Citações Göran Persson

„I'm not leading the world's most brilliant cabinet. The ministers don't belong to the most outstanding intellectual elite and we're not particularly beautiful either.“

—  Göran Persson
Said in a speech to Komvux (adult secondary education) students in Norrköping in 2002, according to the Swedish news agency TT.

„We want free movement of labour, but not social tourism. There, we must not be naive.“

—  Göran Persson
Said in an interview with Sveriges Radio - Ekot about the EU enlargement (November 11, 2003).


„Those who are indebted are not free.“

—  Göran Persson
The title of his 1997 book about dealing with the economic crisis and the large government debt in the 1990s.

„Maybe I seem a little too clever sometimes... Maybe I'm too well prepared and I may sometimes be regarded as a little fault finding.“

—  Göran Persson
Answering a question about his weaknesses in the Swedish newspaper Expressen (August 30, 2000).

„To me it is enormously striking what political stability means for economic development when you look at the Chinese example.“

—  Göran Persson
Said to reporters during a state visit to the People's Republic of China (November 4, 1996).

„Bush is underestimated in Europe and he is a skilled politician, even though we don't like his policies.“

—  Göran Persson
Said about U.S. President George W. Bush and quoted in the Swedish newspaper Expressen (November 2, 2004).

„Right, I'm in a hurry. Öpp öpp! Stay away.“

—  Göran Persson
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