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George Will

Data de nascimento: 4. Maio 1941
Outros nomes:George Frederick Will


George Frederick Will , é um jornalista, escritor e colunista estadunidense, vencedor do Prêmio Pulitzer, e mais conhecido por seus comentários conservadores.

Filho de um professor de filosofia da University of Illinois, formou-se pela University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Foi editor da National Review de 1972 a 1978; passou a publicar uma coluna no Washington Post duas vezes por semana, que eram reproduzidas em jornais de todos os EUA. Em 1976 tornou-se editor-colaborador da Newsweek.

Suas colunas são reproduzidas em 450 jornais ligados ao sindicato que as distribui.

Citações George Will

„The theory is that election to Congress is tantamount to being dispatched to Washington on a looting raid for the enrichment of your state or district, and no other ethic need inhibit the feeding frenzy.“

— George Will
Context: Byrd [former Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia] rose to his current eminence from conditions of severe poverty, and he represents a poor state, so perhaps some of his grasping should be forgiven. Some, but not this egregious sort. His career has become a caricature of a particularly crass and cynical theory of representation. The theory is that election to Congress is tantamount to being dispatched to Washington on a looting raid for the enrichment of your state or district, and no other ethic need inhibit the feeding frenzy. Restoration: Congress, Term Limits and the Recovery of Deliberative Democracy, Simon & Schuster (c. 1992), Chapter 1, p. 31 :


„Geology has joined biology in lowering mankind's self-esteem. Geology suggests how mankind's existence is contingent upon the geological consent of the planet.“

— George Will
from a review of Simon Winchester’s Krakatoa (2003), as quoted in The Oxford Dictionary of American Quotations (rev. 2005), ed. Rawson & Miner, Oxford University Press, p. 600:

„The family is the primary transmitter of social capital – the values and character traits that enable people to seize opportunities. Family structure is a primary predictor of an individual's life chances, and family disintegration is the principal cause of the intergenerational transmission of poverty.“

— George Will
Column, March 21, 2014, " Paul Ryan was right – poverty is a cultural problem" at

„A politician's words reveal less about what he thinks about his subject than what he thinks about his audience.“

— George Will
Quoted in A Ford Not A Lincoln (1975), Richard Reeves, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, ch, 1 ; as cited by The Columbia Dictionary of Quotations (1993), ed. Robert Andrews, Columbia University Press, p. 707


„Taking offense has become America’s national pastime; being theatrically offended supposedly signifies the exquisitely refined moral delicacy of people who feel entitled to pass through life without encountering ideas or practices that annoy them.“

— George Will
Column, May 7, 2014, "Thin skins and legislative prayer" at

„Capital is mobile. It goes where it is welcomed and stays where it is well-treated, so states compete to create tax and regulatory environments conducive to job creation. Liberals call this a "race to the bottom." Conservatives call it a race to rationality.“

— George Will
Column, February 18, 2014, "Breaking the grip of the unions" at

„The people do not decide issues, they decide who shall decide.“

— George Will
Column, January 15, 2009, "Of Judges, By Judges, For Judges" at


„The realistic way to reduce the amount of money in politics is to reduce the amount of politics in money -- the importance of government in allocating wealth and opportunity.“

— George Will
Column, April 12, 2001, "PACs and McCain-Feingold" at

„This is an age in which one cannot find common sense without a search warrant.“

— George Will
Column, May 9, 1996, "FDR's memorial hides character" at

„When a politician says, concerning an issue involving science, that the debate is over, you may be sure the debate is rolling on and not going swimmingly for his side.“

— George Will
Column, February 26, 2014, "The liberal agenda: Being good to liberals" at'.

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