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Fritz Leiber

Data de nascimento: 24. Dezembro 1910
Data de falecimento: 5. Setembro 1992


Fritz Reuter Leiber Junior foi um escritor de fantástico, ficção científica e horror estadunidense.

Citações Fritz Leiber

„What is superstition, but misguided, unobjective science?“

—  Fritz Leiber, livro Conjure Wife
Conjure Wife (1953), Context: What is superstition, but misguided, unobjective science? And when it comes down to that, is it to be wondered if people grasp at superstition in this rotten, hate-filled, half-doomed world of today? Lord knows, I'd welcome the blackest of black magic, if it could do anything to stave off the atom bomb. Chapter 2 (p. 26).

„They’ve heard about space but they still don’t believe in it.“

—  Fritz Leiber, livro The Wanderer
The Wanderer (1964), Context: They’ve heard about space but they still don’t believe in it. They haven’t been out here to see for themselves that there isn’t any giant elephant under the earth, holding it up, and a giant tortoise holding up the elephant. If I say “planet” and “spaceship” to them, they still think “horoscope” and “flying saucer”. Chapter 6 (p. 37).


„There are vampires and vampires, and the ones that suck blood aren’t the worst.“

—  Fritz Leiber, The Girl with the Hungry Eyes
Short Fiction, Night's Black Agents (1947), “The Girl with the Hungry Eyes” (p. 240)

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