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Finley Peter Dunne

Data de nascimento: 10. Julho 1867
Data de falecimento: 24. Abril 1936

Finley Peter Dunne foi um humorista, jornalista e editor estadunidense.

Finley era casado com a golfista estadunidense Margaret Abbott.

Sepultado no Cemitério de Woodlawn. Wikipedia

Citações Finley Peter Dunne

„Muitos vegetarianos se parecem tanto com a comida que comem que poderiam ser classificados de canibais.“

—  Finley Peter Dunne

Most vegetarians look so much like the food they eat that they can be classified as cannibals
citado em "20,000 quips & quotes‎" - Página 842, Evan Esar - Barnes & Noble Publishing, 1995, ISBN 1566195292, 9781566195294 - 908 páginas

„O trabalho do jornal é confortar os aflitos e aflijir os confortáveis.“

—  Finley Peter Dunne

The job of a newspaper is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable
citado em "Forgive my grief: a critical review of the Warren Commission Report on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Volume 4" - Página 18, de Penn Jones - Printed by the Midlothian mirror, 1963

„A fanatic is a man that does what he thinks th' Lord wud do if He knew th' facts iv th' case.“

—  Finley Peter Dunne

Casual Observations"A+fanatic+is+a+man+that+does+what+he+thinks+th'+Lord+wud+do+if+He+knew+th'+facts+iv+th'+case"&pg=PA258#v=onepage, Mr. Dooley's Philosophy (1900)

„Th' Turkey bur-rd's th' rale cause iv Thanksgivin'. He's th' naytional air. Abolish th' Turkey an' ye desthroy th' tie that binds us as wan people.“

—  Finley Peter Dunne

"Mr. Dooley on Thanksgiving,"'s+th+rale+cause+iv+Thanksgivin+He's+th+naytional+air+Abolish+th+Turkey+an+ye+desthroy+th+tie+that+binds+us+as+wan+people%22&pg=PT126#v=onepage syndicated column (25 November 1900)
Thanksgiving, Mr. Dooley's Opinions (1901)

„Sure, politics ain't bean-bag. 'Tis a man's game, an' women, childer, cripples an' prohybitionists 'd do well to keep out iv it.“

—  Finley Peter Dunne

Chicago Evening Post, October 5, 1895. Excerpted in Finley Peter Dunne and Mr. Dooley: The Chicago Years't%20bean-bag%22&pg=PA125#v=onepage&q=%22politics%20ain't%20bean-bag%22&f=false by Charles Fanning (1978).

„Thrust ivrybody—but cut th' ca-ards.“

—  Finley Peter Dunne

Casual Observations"Thrust+ivrybody"+"but+cut+th'+ca-ards"&pg=PA254#v=onepage, Mr. Dooley's Philosophy (1900)

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