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Errol Flynn

Data de nascimento: 20. Junho 1909
Data de falecimento: 14. Outubro 1959
Outros nomes: Erroll Flynn

Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn foi um ator nascido na Austrália e radicado nos Estados Unidos da América, tendo se naturalizado cidadão estadunidense em 1942. É conhecido pelos papéis em filmes de capa e espada.

„Não é o que eles falam sobre você, é o que eles sussuram.“

„It isn't what they say about you, it's what they whisper.“

„My problem lies in reconciling my gross habits with my net income.“

„Any man who dies with more than $10000 to his name is a failure.“

„if you're dealing with monkeys, you got to expect some wrenches.....“

„All I had to do was stick my face into this gruesome mess and bite off the young sheep's testicles. Dag a hogget. I had good teeth. I put my nose into this awful-smelling mess, my teeth solidly around the balls of the six-month-old sheep, and took a bite while I held him upside down. My nose was in fur and ordure. I bit and spat out the product into a pile of what they called prairie oysters. We have them in America too: delicious to eat, but not delicious to remove. They said this was the most sanitary way to de-ball a sheep. After I was done, I passed the sheep onto the next man, who put a little coal tar on the same spot for purposes of cleansing and closing up the wound.
The sheep never let out a bleat.“
My Wicked, Wicked Ways

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