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Emilio Insolera

Data de nascimento: 29. Janeiro 1979


Emilio Insolera é Ator e produtor italiano.

Citações Emilio Insolera


„A proficient signer can see accents in any particular sign language, even between, say, the south or north of Italy. Any actor pretending to sign in a movie stands out as doing exactly that: pretending.“

—  Emilio Insolera
As quoted in Emilio Insolera. The film director, visual community member and activist is a man on a mission. (December 1, 2016), Kansai Scenel)

„The deaf eye sees what is invisible to the hearing eye.“

—  Emilio Insolera
As quoted in 26, 2016)

„I myself regard the deaf people as superheroes, protectors of the visual language“

—  Emilio Insolera
As quoted in «Sign Gene», al cinema arrivano i supereroi sordi mutanti (September 12, 2017), Corriere della Sera)

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