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Elinor Glyn

Data de nascimento: 17. Outubro 1864
Data de falecimento: 23. Setembro 1943
Outros nomes:Elinor Glynová


Elinor Glyn , nascida Elinor Sutherland, foi uma romancista e roteirista inglesa e uma das precursoras da ficção erótica para mulheres. Foi ela quem cunhou o uso de It como um eufemismo para sexualidade ou para atração sexual, e seus trabalhos tiveram grande influência sobre a cultura popular no início do século XX.

Citações Elinor Glyn


„Would you like to sin
With Elinor Glyn
On a tiger skin?
Or would you prefer
To err
With her
On some other fur?“

— Elinor Glyn
Anonymous rhyme satirising Three Weeks, quoted in J. Lee Thompson Forgotten Patriot (Madison, N.J.:Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. Press, 2007) p. 259

„Prudent readers will do well to hold Three Weeks at arm's length, unless they want to be cut by flying adjectives.“

— Elinor Glyn
S. J. Perelman "Cloudland Revisited: Tuberoses and Tigers", in The Most of S. J. Perelman (London: Mandarin, [1979] 1992) p. 282.

„Would you please publish the enclosed manuscript or return it without delay, as I have other irons in the fire.“

— Elinor Glyn
A covering note sent with a manuscript submission, which was supposedly returned with the answer, "Put this with your other irons." The same story had much earlier been told about Dr. Johnson and Mrs. Piozzi in Kate Sanborn Home Pictures of English Poets (New York: Appleton, 1869) p. 215.

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