Citações Eihei Dogen

„Coming, going, the waterbirds
don't leave a trace
don't follow a path.“

—  Dogen
As quoted in The Enlightened Heart : An Anthology of Sacred Poetry (1989) by Stephen Mitchell, p. 50


„It is only due to a lack of heart for the Way and a lack of skill in handling their daily conduct that people become vainly tied to fame and gain.“

—  Dogen, livro Shōbōgenzō
"Shobogenzo: The Treasure House of the Eye of the True Teaching" (2007) by Rev. Hubert Nearman, O.B.C. Chapter 29, p. 421

„To study Buddhism is to study ourselves. To study ourselves is to forget ourselves.“

—  Dogen
As quoted in Exploring the Inner World : A Guidebook for Personal Growth and Renewal (1974) by Tolbert McCarroll, p. 6

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