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Edwin M. Stanton

Data de nascimento: 19. Dezembro 1814
Data de falecimento: 24. Dezembro 1869


Edwin Stanton McMasters foi um advogado americano, político, procurador-geral entre 1860 e 1861 e Secretário da Guerra durante a maior parte da Guerra Civil Americana e posterior Reconstrução Americana.

Citações Edwin M. Stanton

„There lies the most perfect ruler of men the world has ever seen. Now he belongs to the ages.“

—  Edwin M. Stanton
At Lincoln's death (15 April 1865), as quoted in Abraham Lincoln: A History (1890) by John George Nicolay and John Hay, p. 302 Though "Now he belongs to the ages" is by far the most accepted quotation of this remark, it is sometimes contended that he said "Now he belongs to the angels" but occurrences of this date back only a very few years.. <!-- Google hits: 14,900 for "Now he belongs to the ages" vs 30 for "Now he belongs to the angels" and many of these also mentioning the more common attribution, and none as yet found citing sources older than the internet. ~ Kalki 2007•05•04 --> Stanton had originally opposed Lincoln, dubbing him "The Original Gorilla" because of his looks and frontier speech, but eventually grew to admire him.