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Eddie Cantor

Data de nascimento: 31. Janeiro 1892
Data de falecimento: 10. Outubro 1964

Eddie Cantor, ou Banjo Eyes, nascido Edward Israel Iskovitz , foi um comediante, cantor, ator e compositor norte-americano, filho de imigrantes russos.

Citações Eddie Cantor

„O casamento é tratar de solucionar problemas que nunca existiram quando éramos solteiros.“

—  Eddie Cantor
Marriage is an attempt to solve together problems you never would have had alone. citado em "Expanding therapeutic possibilities: getting results in brief psychotherapy‎" - Página 147, de Steven Friedman, Margot Taylor Fanger - Lexington Books, 1991 ISBN 0669244511, 9780669244519- 316 páginas

„The March of Dimes“

—  Eddie Cantor
Name for a charity fundraiser; see William H. Helfand (2001). '...So that others may walk': So be good. The March of Dimes.. American Journal of Public Health. pp. 1190.

„Every blossom I see reminds me of you“

—  Eddie Cantor
Song, Every Blossom I See Reminds Me of You, written for Ziegfeld Follies of 1920 (music by Harry Ruby).

„It takes twenty years to make an overnight success.“

—  Eddie Cantor
Quoted in James Nicholas, A Book of Wisdom and Delight: How to Fall in Love With Life (2008) p. 162.

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