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Diane Abbott

Data de nascimento: 27. Setembro 1953


Diane Julie Abbott é uma política britânica do Partido Trabalhista, que atua no gabinete desde outubro de 2016. Ela foi eleita pela primeira vez para o Parlamento em 1987, quando ela se tornou a primeira mulher negra a ter assento na câmara dos comuns.

Citações Diane Abbott

„Another vote would be the democratic thing to do to move Brexit forward.“

—  Diane Abbott
2010s, 2019, Brexit: Labour still split over further referendum BBC News (28 May 2019)

„I think the public sector cuts have the potential to set back race relations and black and ethnic minority communities by a generation.“

—  Diane Abbott
2010s, 2010, Cuts could damage race relations, warns Diane Abbott BBC News (14 September 2010)


„I put being a mother ahead of being a politician.“

—  Diane Abbott
2010s, 2012, Profile: Diane Abbott BBC News (5 January 2012)

„If you want people to participate and be interested, part of that is to have a political class that looks like the population as a whole.“

—  Diane Abbott
2010s, 2014, Diane Abbott in Jersey for Women in Politics talk BBC News (1 July 2014)

„I think politicians complaining about the media is like sailors complaining about the weather.“

—  Diane Abbott
2010s, 2017, Diane Abbott: 'I'm back to fighting fitness' BBC News (20 June 2017)

„I will argue for the right of the electorate to vote on any deal that is finally agreed.“

—  Diane Abbott
2010s, 2017, Diane Abbott: Listen to CBI and NHS' on Brexit migration BBC News (17 December 2017)

„The disproportionate use of force is clearly discriminatory. This is not a recipe for good police-community relations.“

—  Diane Abbott
2010s, 2018, Met Police 'use force more often' against black people BBC News (24 May 2018)

„White people love playing ‘divide & rule’. We should not play their game.“

—  Diane Abbott
2010s, 2012, Twitter post reproduced in Daily Telegraph, 5 Jan 2012

„On balance Mao did more good than harm.“

—  Diane Abbott
2010s, 2015, On BBC One's This Week during a debate over who was the history's worst dictator. (27/11/2015)

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