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Dennis Skinner

Data de nascimento: 11. Fevereiro 1932


Dennis Edward Skinner is a British politician of the Labour Party serving as the Member of Parliament for Bolsover since 1970. Skinner became the longest continuously serving Labour MP on 16 December 2017. He was Chairman of the Labour Party for one year from 1988–89 and served as a member of Labour's National Executive Committee, with brief breaks, for thirty years.He is known for his left-wing views and is considered by some to have an acerbic wit. He is a member of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs.

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Citações Dennis Skinner

„Skinnner: "OK, half the Tories opposite are not crooks."“

—  Dennis Skinner
There is no evidence that Skinner said this. But see quotation from 1 April 1981, above. It is an old joke which has been around since at least 1927

„Any Tory moles at the Palace?“

—  Dennis Skinner
Referring to the recent arrest of Conservative MP w:Damian Green in connection with an investigation about him receiving confidential information from a civil servant at the Home Office who was formerly a Conservative Party candidate. To which Black Rod quipped, I shall miss you, Dennis., receiving laughter from other MPs. The 2008 State Opening of Parliament was Michael Willcocks' last as Black Rod.


„Royal Expenses are on the way.“

—  Dennis Skinner
State Opening of Parliament 2009 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth including Black Rod a reference to the United Kingdom Parliamentary expenses scandal Youtube, 18 November 2009

„Royal Mail for sale, Queen's head privatised.“

—  Dennis Skinner
Watch Dennis Skinner heckle cause laughter among MPs at State Opening of Parliament Daily Mirror, 8 May 2013

„The Hon. Gentleman is making pretty heavy weather of the fact that he was kicked out of this gentleman's club for 20 days. I call it a gentlemen's club.“

—  Dennis Skinner
Speech in the House of Commons (28 February 1992)


„When posh boys are in trouble they sack the servants“

—  Dennis Skinner
‘Only posh boys sack their servants’ – Jeremy Hunt faces the wrath of parliament The Scotsman, 25 April 2012

„Hands off the BBC.“

—  Dennis Skinner
Dennis Skinner Jokes ‘Hands Off The BBC’ During Queen’s Speech Huffington Post, 18 May 2016


„Coalition's last stand.“

—  Dennis Skinner
Dennis Skinner said Queen’s Speech was coalition’s last stand - and it will be painful Daily Mirror, 4 June 2014

„I bet he drinks Carling Black Label..“

—  Dennis Skinner
A reference to an advertising campaign at the time BBC 1991

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