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Dennis Kucinich

Data de nascimento: 8. Outubro 1946

Dennis John Kucinich é um político estadunidense do Partido Democrata, pré-candidato a presidência nas eleições de 2004 e 2008.

Kucinich atualmente representa o 10o Distrito de Ohio na Câmara dos Representantes dos Estados Unidos. Seu distrito inclui grande parte de Cleveland, assim como o subúrbio de Parma. Ele faz parte do Comitê da Câmara pela Reforma no Governo e do Comitê de Educação e Trabalho.

De 1977 a 1979, Kucinich serviu como o 53o prefeito de Cleveland, Ohio. Seu mandato foi tumultuoso, tendo ele sobrevivido a um recall eleitoral e tendo conseguido evitar a terceirização do sistema elétrico de sua cidade. Foi derrotado nas eleições de 1979 pelo republicano George Voinovich.

Citações Dennis Kucinich

„I think we have to get rid of nuclear weapons. The idea that somehow by having nuclear weapons you make the world a safer place is essentially insane.“

—  Dennis Kucinich

Quoted in Alyssa Kim, "Kucinich Campaigns for Peace" (August 12, 2007). Kucinich was speaking on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, ABC News (August 12, 2007)

„Almost half of the bankruptcies in the United States are connected to an illness in the family, whether people had health insurance or not. Middle-class Americans, who had the misfortune of either experiencing a medical emergency themselves or watching a family member suffer, were then forced to face the daunting task of pulling themselves out of debt. Bankruptcy law has allowed them to start over. It has given hope. Now this new law will put people on their own. Illness or emergency creates medical bills. We are telling the people that they themselves are to blame. At the same time, we are removing protections that would stay an eviction, that would keep a roof over the head of a working family. We allow the credit industry to trick consumers into using subprime cards, with exorbitant interest rate hikes and fees. Then we hand those same consumers over to an unforgiving prison of debt, to be put on a rack of insolvency and squeezed dry by the credit card industry. We are protecting the profits of the credit card industry instead of protecting the economic future of the American people. Americans are left on their own. That's what this Administration's "Ownership Society" is all about — you're on your own — and your ship is sinking.“

—  Dennis Kucinich

Speech on the floor of the House of Representatives, Congressional Record (14 April, 2005)

„I hold in my heart that rebellious spirit of youth that demands change.“

—  Dennis Kucinich

Speech, University of Manchester, Manchester, New Hampshire (27 January 2004)

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„You're looking at a guy who believes he can beat a rigged game.“

—  Dennis Kucinich

Interview with Will Dana, Rolling Stone (22 October 2003)

„The center has shifted in our politics. I'm really at the center. And all the other candidates are to the right of me.“

—  Dennis Kucinich

Quoted in Alyssa Kim, "Kucinich Campaigns for Peace," (August 12, 2007). Kucinich was speaking on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, ABC News (August 12, 2007)

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