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David Miscavige

Data de nascimento: 30. Abril 1960

David Miscavige é o líder da Igreja da Cientologia. Seu título oficial é Presidente do Conselho do Centro de Tecnologia Religiosa , uma empresa que controla as marcas comerciais e direitos autorais de Dianética e Cientologia. Ele chegou a posição de liderança nos anos 1980 e foi nomeado Presidente do conselho do RTC em 1987. As biografias oficiais da Igreja descrevem Miscavige como "o líder eclesiástico da religião da Cientologia".

Citações David Miscavige

„Scientologists are at war with a member of their own family - the outspoken niece of the church's powerful leader, David Miscavige. Jenna Hill Miscavige, 24, the daughter of David's older brother Ron, recently came out in support of Andrew Morton's "Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography," and slammed the star for "supporting a religion that tears apart families, both in the media and monetarily."“

—  David Miscavige

Since then, Jenna claims she's been subjected to harassment.
[Richard Johnson, Paula Froelich, Bill Hoffmann, Corynne Steindler, Marianne Garvey,;jsessionid=A8156F120CCA0D16F233E470F02315D7, Family Feud In Tom's Church, New York Post, NYP Holdings, Inc, February 6, 2008, 2010-07-03].

„Talk about the Van Allen Belt or whatever is that, that forms no part of current Scientology, none whatsoever. Well, you know, quite frankly, this tape here, he's talking about the origins of the universe, and I think you're going to find that in any, any, any religion, and I think you can make the same mockery of it. I think it's offensive that you're doing it here, because I don't think you'd do it somewhere else.“

—  David Miscavige

After being played a portion of an audiotape where L. Ron Hubbard describes the Xenu story — Scientology Leader Gave ABC First-Ever Interview: David Miscavige, Scientology Leader and Best Man at Tom Cruise's Wedding, Spoke to ABC News' 'Nightline' in 1992, ABC News, November 18, 2006, 2010-07-03,.

„I have been advised that you have decided to move forward with your story without my interview. This, despite the fact confirmed more than three weeks ago that I would make myself available on a date certain (6 July), after you spoke to other relevant Church personnel and toured Church facilities, and that I would provide information annihilating the credibility of your sources including the fundamental crimes against the Scientology religion that were the reasons for their removal from post.“

—  David Miscavige

June 2009 letter by Miscavige to journalists Thomas C. Tobin and Joe Childs, regarding investigation of accounts of abuse of Scientology staff members by Miscavige for "The Truth Rundown" series in the St. Petersburg Times —[Thomas C. Tobin, Joe Childs, A letter from David Miscavige,, St Petersburg Times, June 23, 2009, 2010-07-03].

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„Dave would punch or slap people in the face repeatedly when they delivered bad news, or when people talked back with anything other than what he wanted to hear. I would say over a period of five years between 2000 and 2005 I saw him do this maybe 30 to 40 times. I saw him hit Jeff on at least one or two occasions.“

—  David Miscavige

Marc Headley referring to incidents involving former Scientology executive, Jeff Hawkins, interviewed in — [Selling Scientology: A Former Scientologist Marketing Guru Turns Against the Church, Matt, Davis, August 7, 2008,, 2010-07-03, The Portland Mercury, Portland, Oregon].

„You cannot call yourself a religious leader as you beat people, as you confine people, as you rip apart families. If I was trying to destroy Scientology, I would leave David Miscavige right where he is because he's doing a fantastic job of it.“

—  David Miscavige

Former Scientology executive Amy Scobee, in interview as part of June 2009 series, "The Truth Rundown" in the St. Petersburg Times — [Thomas C. Tobin, Joe Childs, Scientology: The Truth Rundown, Part 1 of 3 in a special report on the Church of Scientology,, St Petersburg Times, June 23, 2009, 2010-07-03].

„The chairman of the board of RTC is David Miscavige. His position might be considered to be the most important and most powerful in Scientology.“

—  David Miscavige

[James R., Lewis, Jesper Aagaard Petersen, 2004, Controversial New Religions, Oxford University Press, 019515682X, 247].

„Marty Rathbun, who served on the church's board and was a top lieutenant of Miscavige's, said he was often ordered by Miscavige to attack others.“

—  David Miscavige

[Associated Press,, Scientology Smackdown: Report Claims Abuse - Leader Of Church Accused Of Hitting Subordinates, Ex-Officials Tell Newspaper, CBS News, CBS, June 22, 2009, 2010-07-03].

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