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David B. Haight

Data de nascimento: 2. Setembro 1906
Data de falecimento: 31. Julho 2004

David B. Haight - que falta uma descrição mais detalhada do autor.

Citações David B. Haight

„Alguém escreveu, 'O amor é um verbo'. Ele requer ação - não apenas palavras e pensamentos. O teste está no que se faz, e como se age, pois o amor é transmitido em palavra e atos.“

„Life is a competition... Not with others, but with ourselves. We should seek each day to live stronger, better, truer lives. Each to master some weakness of yesterday. Each day to repair a mistake; Each day to surpass ourselves.“

„Nothing touches the soul but leaves its impress, and thus, little by little, we are fashioned into the image of all we have seen and heard, known and meditated; and if we learn to live with all that is fairest and purest and best, the love of it all will in the end become our life.“

„The Lord never asks the impossible. Often the difficult, but never the impossible.“

„The history of Temples teaches us that the people of God have been strong, or weak, in proportion to the faithfulness with which they have attended to their sanctuaries.“

„Revelation also comes in receiving greater understanding of the endowment as one seeks to comprehend its meaning.“

„Don’t be discouraged at seemingly overwhelming odds in your desire to live and to help others live God’s commandments. At times it may seem like David trying to fight Goliath. But remember, David did win.“