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Conrad Black

Data de nascimento: 25. Agosto 1944


Conrad Moffat Black, Barão Black de Crossharbour ou simplesmente Conrad Black é um historiador, colunista e editor dos jornais The Daily Telegraph , Chicago Sun Times , Jerusalem Post e National Post .

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Citações Conrad Black

„A jumped-up little twerp [and a] prime candidate for exorcism“

—  Conrad Black
Characterisation of the Bishop of Calgary for backing a strike at Black's Calgary Herald newspaper.


„Since biblical times, and probably before, the wealthy have been envied and condemned.“

—  Conrad Black
In: Clark, Andrew "At some level, he's still asking the same question as he was when he was seven or eight - who am I?" The Guardian, March 16, 2007 At the time of his fraud trial in 2007, Black was aware of the disdain much of the public held towards him because of his wealth.


„The present government of Quebec is the most financially and intellectually corrupt in the history of the province. There are the shady deals, brazenly conducted, and the broken promises, most conspicuously that of last October to retain Bill 63... The government dragged out the ancient and totally fictitious spectre of assimilation to justify Bill 22 and its rejection of the right of free choice in education, its its reduction of English education to the lowest echelon of ministerial whim, its assault upon freedom of expression through the regulation of the internal and external language of businesses and other organizations, and its creation of a fatuous new linguistic bureaucracy that will conduct a system of organized denunciation, harassment, and patronage... There is a paralytic social sickness in Quebec. In all this debate, not a single French Quebecker has objected to Bill 22 on the grounds that it was undemocratic or a reduction of liberties exercised in the province. The Quebec Civil Liberties Union, founded by Pierre Trudeau, from which one might have expected such sentiments, has instead demanded the abolition of English education, and this through the spokemanship of Jean-Louis Roy, who derives his income from McGill University.... It is clear that Mr. Bourassa... is now going to try to eliminate the Parti Quebecois by a policy of gradual scapegoatism directed against the non-French elements in the province... The English community here, still deluding itself with the illusion of Montreal as an incomparably fine place to live, is leaderless and irrelevant, except as the hostage of a dishonest government. Last month one of the most moderate ministers, Guy St-Pierre, told an English businessman's group, 'If you don't like Quebec, you can leave it.' With sadness but with certitude, I accept that choice.“

—  Conrad Black
radio broadcast on 26 July 1974, the day Black left Quebec for good

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