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Christopher Walken

Data de nascimento: 31. Março 1943


Christopher Walken é um ator americano. Atuou em mais de 100 filmes e programas de televisão, incluindo Annie Hall, The Deer Hunter , The Prophecy, The Dogs of War, Sleepy Hollow, Brainstorm, The Dead Zone , A View to a Kill, At Close Range, King of New York, True Romance, Catch Me If You Can, Pulp Fiction, Wedding Crashers, Click e Hairspray, bem como em videoclipes de artistas como Madonna, Journey e Fatboy Slim.

Os filmes de Walken totalizaram mais de 1,8 bilhões de dólares nas bilheterias dos Estados Unidos. Também interpretou o papel principal nas peças Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet e Coriolanus, de William Shakespeare. Além disso, apresentou por diversas vezes o programa Saturday Night Live ; seu papel mais célebre no programa foi o produtor musical Bruce Dickinson, no esquete "More Cowbell".

Walken fez sua estreia como diretor de cinema e roteirista com o curta-metragem Popcorn Shrimp, em 2001. Também escreveu e interpretou o papel principal de uma peça teatral sobre o cantor Elvis Presley, chamada Him em 1995.

Citações Christopher Walken


„I believe in saving money. I believe in having a house. I believe in keeping things clean. I believe in exercising. Slow and steady is a very good thing for me. It works for me.“

— Christopher Walken
Douglas J. Rowe: The Associated Press (June 14, 2004) "Film bad guy Walken: 'Slow and steady is a very good thing for me'", The Grand Rapids Press, p. D5.

„Everybody always wants to work with Christopher Walken. I think he's the most interesting actor working today. His choices are always dangerous, which makes for interesting work. You can watch him eat a bowl of cereal and you'd be riveted because he's just unpredictable.“

— Christopher Walken
Mars Callahan, interview in Bob Strauss (February 24, 2003) "Still racking them up - Christopher Walken, Oscar nominee and star of 'Poolhall Junkies,' has no intention of slowing his prolific career", The Whittier Daily News.

„Walken is fascinating because he has a complex and fearless process -- each take is wildly different and he does that until he finds the one that is true perfection.“

— Christopher Walken
Josh Lucas, discussing acting with Walken in film Around the Bend, interview in Kathy Cano Murillo (October 21, 2004) "Lucas Cranks It Up A Notch In 'Bend'", The Arizona Republic, p. 9.


„I think it's sort of a compliment. Jay Mohr does it in front of me all the time. I've got another friend who does me on his answering machine. When I call him, I hear myself.“

— Christopher Walken
On individuals' impressions of Walken, interview in Randy Cordova (December 22, 2002) "Workaholic Walken Is Marvelous 'Catch'", The Arizona Republic, p. E3.

„Well, I don't play heroes obviously. I never played the guy who gets the girl. It might be interesting to do a part where I was a father in a functional family.“

— Christopher Walken
Hap Erstein (October 29, 2004) "Walken Doesn't Mind Playing Creepy Type - As Long As He's Cast", The Palm Beach Post, p. 9.

„I look for good possibilities in movies. I don't look for perfection.“

— Christopher Walken
Glenn Lovell: Knight Ridder Newspapers (October 18, 2004) "A mellow, reflective Christopher Walken", The Seattle Times, p. E8.

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