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Charles Péguy

Data de nascimento: 7. Janeiro 1873
Data de falecimento: 5. Setembro 1914
Outros nomes: Charles P. Péguy, Charles Pierre Péguy

Charles Péguy , foi um escritor francês.

Foi o fundador de Cahiers de la Quinzaine em 1900.

Faleceu na Batalha do Marne.

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„There will be things that I do that no one will be left to understand.“

—  Charles Péguy

Le Mystère des saints Innocents [The Mystery of the Holy Innocents] (1912)

„Work for them was joy itself and the deep root of their being. And the reason of their being. There was an incredible honor in work, the most beautiful of all the honors. … We have known this devotion to l’ouvrage bien faite, to the good job, carried and maintained to its most exacting claims. … Today, what remains of all this? How has … the only people that loved to work … been transformed into one which in the workyard takes the greatest pains not to lift a hand?“

—  Charles Péguy

Dans ce bel honneur de métier convergeaient tous le plus beaux, tous le plus nobles sentiments. Une dignité. Une fierté. Ne jamais rien demander à personne, disaient-ils. … Un ouvrier de ce temps-là ne savait pas ce que c’est que quémander. C’est la bourgeoisie qui quémande. C’est la bourgeoisie qui, les faisant bourgeois, leur a appris a quémander.
Fonte: Basic Verities, Prose and Poetry (1943), p. 81

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