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Benjamin Zephaniah

Data de nascimento: 15. Abril 1958

Benjamin Obadiah Iqbal Zephaniah é um escritor, poeta dub e rastafári britânico. Em 2008, o jornal The Times o incluiu na sua lista dos cinquenta melhores escritores britânicos desde 1945.

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„Someone said that Capitalism will eat itself, and I think that’s like the meat industry, the meat industry itself will become dead meat and compassion will reign supreme.“

—  Benjamin Zephaniah

"Zephaniah Speaks: Poetic Thoughts", interview with Arkangel Magazine (2002) reported in

„I have always loved playing around with words. I didn’t know it was called poetry. I was just an innocent kid messing around with words when an adult said ‘You’re a poet, be published or be damned’.“

—  Benjamin Zephaniah

On the realization that he was a poet in “Interview with Benjamin Zephaniah” in Writers & Artists

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