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Arthur Young

Data de nascimento: 11. Setembro 1741
Data de falecimento: 12. Abril 1820


Arthur Young foi um escritor inglês nas áreas da agricultura, economia e estatística.

Citações Arthur Young

„A country is signally blessed above others, which can grow Indian corn.“

—  Arthur Young
Attributed to Arthur Young in: Henry Colman (1848), The Agriculture and Rural Economy of France, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland, from Personal Observation, p. 300


„Small properties, much divided, prove the greatest source of misery that can possibly be conceived, and has operated to such a degree and extent in France, that a law ought certainly to be made to render all division below a certain number of arpens illegal.“

—  Arthur Young
Arthur Young (1789), quoted in: Samuel Laing (1842), Notes of a Traveller on the Social and Political State of France, Prussia, Switzerland, Italy and Other Parts of Europe During the Present Century, p. 35 According to Samuel Laing, Arthur Young wrote this "consequently before the sale of the national domains, crown and church estates, and confiscated estates of the noblesse, and before the law of partition of property among all the children became obligatory on all classes of the community... and a few mouths only before a law was passed directly opposed to the principle he recommends — the law abolishing the rights of primogeniture, and making the division of property among all the children obligatory; and which law has been ever since, that is, for nearly half a century, in general and uninterrupted operation."