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Arthur Hugh Clough

Data de nascimento: 1. Janeiro 1819
Data de falecimento: 13. Novembro 1861


Arthur Hugh Clough foi um poeta inglês.

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„Grace is given of God, but knowledge is bought in the market;
Knowledge needful for all, yet cannot be had for the asking.“

— Arthur Hugh Clough
The Bothie of Tober-na-vuolich, Pt. IV (1848).


„Say not the struggle nought availeth,
The labour and the wounds are vain,
The enemy faints not, nor faileth,
And as things have been, things remain.“

— Arthur Hugh Clough
Say Not the Struggle Nought Availeth, st. 1 (1862).

„As ships becalmed at eve, that lay
With canvas drooping, side by side,
Two towers of sail, at dawn of day
Are scarce, long leagues apart, descried.“

— Arthur Hugh Clough
Qua Cursum Ventus. Compare: "Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing", Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Tales of a Wayside Inn (1863-1874), Pt. III, The Theologian's Tale: Elizabeth, sec. IV.


„No graven images may be
Worshipped, except the currency.“

— Arthur Hugh Clough
The Latest Decalogue, l. 3-4 (1862).