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Arshile Gorky

Data de nascimento: 15. Abril 1904
Data de falecimento: 21. Julho 1948

Arshak Gorky, mais conhecido como Arshile Gorky , foi um pintor surrealista armênio pioneiro e a influência mais importante sobre os membros do movimento expressionista abstrato. O pintor passou a maior parte da sua vida como cidadão dos Estados Unidos. Junto com Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock e Willem de Kooning, Gorky é considerado um dos mais importantes pintores norte-americanos do século XX. Como tal, é especulado que suas obras são influenciadas pelo sofrimento e perda que o artista passou por conta do genocídio armênio.

Citações Arshile Gorky

„About a hundred and ninety-four feet away from our house [Gorky was born in Armenia] on the road to the spring, my father had a little garden with a few apple trees which had retired from giving fruit. There was a ground constantly in shade where grew incalculable amounts of wild carrots, and porcupines had made their nests. There was a blue rock half buried in the black earth with a few patches of moss placed here and there like fallen clouds. But from where came all the shadows in constant battle like the lancers of w:Paolo Ucello's painting? This garden was identified as the Garden of Wish Fulfilment and often I had seen my mother and other village women opening their bosoms and taking out their soft breasts in their hands to rub them on the rock. Above this all stood an enormous tree all bleached under the sun, the rain, the cold, and deprived of leaves. This was the Holy Tree. I myself don't know why this tree was holy but I had witnessed many people, whoever did pass by, that would tear voluntarily a strip of their clothes and attach this to the tree. Thus through many years of the same ac, like a veritable parade of banners under the pressure of wind all these personal inscriptions of signatures, very softly to my innocent ear used to give echo to the sh-h—h-sh—h of silver leaves of the poplars.“

—  Arshile Gorky

Fonte: posthumous, Astract Expressionist Painting in America, p. 124, (in Gorky Memorial Exhibition, Schwabacher pp. 22,23

„I was with Cézanne for a long time, and now naturally I am with Picasso“

—  Arshile Gorky

Fonte: posthumous, Movements in art since 1945, p. 31: (in Gorky Memorial Exhibition, Schwabacher pp. 28)

„It would be a sad thing for an artist if he knew how to paint.“

—  Arshile Gorky

so sad. An artist paints because it is a challenge to him – it is like trying to twist the devil. If you overcome it, there is no sport left. I don't even like to talk about painting. It is impossible to talk about painting because I don't know what it is. If I knew what it was I would get out a patent and then no one else would be able to paint.
1942 - 1948, A Painter in a Glass House' (1948)

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