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Annie Wood Besant

Data de nascimento: 1. Outubro 1847
Data de falecimento: 20. Setembro 1933


Annie Wood Besant foi uma escritora, teósofa, erudita, militante socialista, maçom, ativista e defensora dos direitos das mulheres, uma das mais notáveis oradoras da sua época e autora de uma vasta obra literária sobre Teosofia.

Citações Annie Wood Besant


„That is the true definition of sin; when knowing right you do the lower, ah, then you sin. Where there is no knowledge, sin is not present.“

— Annie Besant
In The immediate future: Lectures delivered in Queen's Hall, London, 1911, p. 32

„The destruction of India's village system was the greatest of England's blunders.“

— Annie Besant
In Essays on Indian Freedom Movement, p. 97


„Refusal to believe until proof is given is a rational position; denial of all outside of our own limited experience is absurd.“

— Annie Besant
In The Words of Extraordinary Women, p. 55

„A prophet is always much wider than his followers, much more liberal than those who label themselves with his name.“

— Annie Besant
In Annie Besant the Life and Teachings of Muhammad (the Prophet of Islam)

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