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Annemarie Schwarzenbach

Data de nascimento:23. Maio 1908
Data de falecimento:15. Novembro 1942

Annemarie Schwarzenbach foi uma escritora, jornalista e fotógrafa suíça. Filha de Alfred Schwarzenbach, grande industrial suíço do têxtil, estudou em Zurique, onde se licenciou e doutorou em História, e em Paris, na Sorbonne. Viajou pelo Médio Oriente, África, Estados Unidos da América e Europa. Escreveu romances e inúmeros artigos relatando as suas experiências de viagem. Esteve por duas vezes em Lisboa.

Citações Annemarie Schwarzenbach

„Our life is like a journey…’ – and so the journey seems to me less an adventure and a foray into unusual realms than a concentrated likeness of our existence: residents of a city, citizens of country, beholden to a class or a social circle, member of a family and clan and entangled by professional duties, by the habits of an ‘everyday life’ woven from all these circumstances, we often feel too secure, believing our house built for all the future, easily induced to believe in a constancy that makes ageing a problem for one person and each change in external circumstances a catastrophe for another. We forget that this is a process, that the earth is in constant motion and that we too are affected by ebbs and tides, earthquakes and events far beyond our visible and tangible spheres: beggars, kings, figures in the same great game. We forget it for our would-be peace of mind, which then is built on shifting sand. We forget it so as not to fear. And fear makes us stubborn: we call reality only what we can grasp with our hands and what affects us directly, denying the force of the fire that’s sweeping our neighbour’s house, but not yet ours. War in other countries? Just twelve hours, twelve weeks from our borders? God forbid – the horror that sometimes seizes us, you feel it too when reading history books, time or space, it doesn’t matter what lies between us and it.
But the journey ever so slightly lifts the veil over the mystery of space – and a city with a magical, unreal name, Samarkand the Golden, Astrakhan or Isfahan, City of Rose Attar, becomes real the instant we set foot there and touch it with our living breath.“

— Annemarie Schwarzenbach
All the Roads Are Open: The Afghan Journey