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Ali ibn abi Talib

Data de nascimento: 15. Setembro 601
Data de falecimento: 29. Janeiro 661

Ali ibne Abi Talibe foi o quarto califa ou sucessor de Maomé, segundo os muçulmanos sunitas, e o primeiro califa segundo os muçulmanos xiitas. Nascido em Meca, seu pai, Abu Talibe, era tio do Profeta. Ali foi adoptado e educado por Maomé, passando cerca de 30 anos aos cuidados do profeta. Ele foi o primeiro a crer no Islão, juntamente com a esposa do Profeta, Cadija. Ali é conhecido pela sua bravura, humildade, fé e sabedoria. Ali foi o único homem a nascer dentro da Caaba e através dele e da filha do profeta, Fátima Azar, é que se deu a descendência de Maomé.

Quando Maomé faleceu, Ali cuidou de todos os preparativos de seu enterro. Ali, ainda jovem, foi um dos candidatos à sua sucessão. O direito de Ali a suceder o Profeta é reivindicado pelos muçulmanos xiitas, os quais entendem que ele teria sido publicamente nomeado por Maomé como seu sucessor e o seguiram como primeiro califa, em um dia que ficou conhecido como Ghadir Khumm .

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„Endurance is composed of four attributes: eagerness, fear, piety and anticipation (of death). so whoever is eager for Paradise will ignore temptations; whoever fears the fire of Hell will abstain from sins; whoever practices piety will easily bear the difficulties of life and whoever anticipates death will hasten towards good deeds.
Conviction has also four aspects to guard oneself against infatuations of sin; to search for explanation of truth through knowledge; to gain lessons from instructive things and to follow the precedent of the past people, because whoever wants to guard himself against vices and sins will have to search for the true causes of infatuation and the true ways of combating them out and to find those true ways one has to search them with the help of knowledge, whoever gets fully acquainted with various branches of knowledge will take lessons from life and whoever tries to take lessons from life is actually engaged in the study of the causes of rise and fall of previous civilizations.
Justice also has four aspects depth of understanding, profoundness of knowledge, fairness of judgment and dearness of mind; because whoever tries his best to understand a problem will have to study it, whoever has the practice of studying the subject he is to deal with, will develop a clear mind and will always come to correct decisions, whoever tries to achieve all this will have to develop ample patience and forbearance and whoever does this has done justice to the cause of religion and has led a life of good repute and fame.
Jihad is divided into four branches: to persuade people to be obedient to Allah; to prohibit them from sin and vice; to struggle (in the cause of Allah) sincerely and firmly on all occasions and to detest the vicious. Whoever persuades people to obey the orders of Allah provides strength to the believers; whoever dissuades them from vices and sins humiliates the unbelievers; whoever struggles on all occasions discharges all his obligations and whoever detests the vicious only for the sake of Allah, then Allah will take revenge on his enemies and will be pleased with Him on the Day of Judgment.“

—  Ali, livro Nahj al-Balagha

Nahj al-Balagha

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„Do not feel ashamed to forgive and forget.“

—  Ali, livro Nahj al-Balagha

Nahj al-Balagha, Letter 53: An order to Malik Al-Ashtar
Variante: The best deed of a great man is to forgive and forget.

„Reciter and listener of the Qur'an are alike in prize and reward.“

—  Ali

Husayn al-Nuri al-Tabarsi, Mustadrak al-Wasā'il, vol. 4, p. 261
Regarding the Qur'an

„I am less than what you tell about me but more than what you think about me“

—  Ali, livro Nahj al-Balagha

Nahj al-Balagha
Contexto: A man sarcastically started praising Imam Ali, though he had no faith in him and Imam Ali hearing these praises from him said "I am less than what you tell about me but more than what you think about me."

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