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Adam Levine

Data de nascimento: 18. Março 1979


Adam Noah Levine é um músico norte-americano. É o vocalista e guitarrista da banda Maroon 5. Também participa no reality show: The Voice - Estados Unidos.

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„George Bush is just as much in the dark as I am, and it scares me.“

— Адам Левин
On the need for change No byline (2004-10-14), "Voices for Charge". Rolling Stone. (959):64-70.

„I have a very young brother and sister, and if you can get a kid singing the words to a song after they heard it for the first time, it's a hit.“

— Адам Левин
When asked how he can predict that a song will be a hit. Scaggs, Austin (2007-05-31), "Adam Levine". Rolling Stone. (1027):36.

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