Citações Oscar Levant

„The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.“

—  Oscar Levant
As quoted in The New Speaker's Treasury of Wit and Wisdom (1958) by Herbert Victor Prochnow, p. 322.


„The book should be a happy introduction to a character who, if he did not exist, could not be imagined.“

—  Oscar Levant
S. N. Behrman, from his introduction to Levant's first book, A Smattering of Ignorance (1940); as quoted in "'A Smattering of Ignorance' Acute As Well As Amusing" by T.H.P., in The Hartford Courant (January 14, 1940)

„I am no more humble than my talents require.“

—  Oscar Levant
As quoted in Memorable Quotations: Jewish Writers of the Past (2005) edited by Carol A. Dingle.

„It would have been better if you had died and Gershwin had written the elegy.“

—  Oscar Levant
Critiquing a musical tribute composed shortly after Gershwin's death (July 11, 1937) by an unnamed mutual friend; as recounted by Levant in The Memoirs of an Amnesiac (1965); and quoted in "On San Diego: You Can Bet On It" by Tom Blair, in San Diego Magazine (September 2007), p. 272

„I once said cynically of a politician, "He'll double-cross that bridge when he comes to it."“

—  Oscar Levant
The Memoirs of an Amnesiac (1965), p. 13; also quoted in The Quotable Politician (2003) by William B. Whitman, p. 31.

„Tell me, George, if you had it to do all over, would you fall in love with yourself again?“

—  Oscar Levant
Oscar Levant, as recounted by Levant in A Smattering of Ignorance (1940); quoted in "Books and Things" by Lewis Gannett, in The New York Herald Tribune (January 13, 1940), p. 11

„Incompatibility. And besides, I think she hated me.“

—  Oscar Levant
On why his first marriage ended in divorce, in A Smattering of Ignorance (1940); as quoted in "Oscar Levant, A Musical Know-It-All, Writes Book About Music And Himself," Life (February 5, 1940), p. 55

„He writes the kind of music you whistle on the way into the theater.“

—  Oscar Levant
On Sigmund Romberg, as quoted in Dancing in the Dark (1974) by Howard Dietz, p. 61

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