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Gwendolyn Brooks

Data de nascimento: 7. Junho 1917
Data de falecimento: 3. Dezembro 2000
Outros nomes: 格温多林·布鲁克斯, قوندولین بروکس, גוונדולין ברוקס, გვენდოლინ ბრუკსი


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„Poetry is life distilled.“

—  Gwendolyn Brooks
Context: My Poem is life, and not finished. It shall never be finished. My Poem is life, and can grow. Wherever life can grow, it will. It will sprout out, and do the best it can. I give you what I have. You don’t get all your questions answered in this world. How many answers shall be found in the developing world of my Poem? I don’t know. Nevertheless I put my Poem, which is my life, into your hands, where it will do the best it can. "Song of Winnie"

„We real cool. We
Left school. We
Lurk late. We
Strike straight. We
Sing sin. We
Thin gin. We
Jazz June. We
Die soon.“

—  Gwendolyn Brooks, Selected Poems
"We ReaI CooI" , The Bean Eaters (1960) The "We"—you're supposed to stop after the "We" and think about their validity, and of course there's no way for you to tell whether it should be said softly or not, I suppose, but I say it rather softly because I want to represent their basic uncertainty, which they don't bother to question every day, of course. "An Interview with Gwendolyn Brooks", Contemporary Literature 11:1 (Winter 1970) The WEs in "We Real Cool" are tiny, wispy, weakly argumentative "Kilroy-is-here" announcements. The boys have no accented sense of themselves, yet they are aware of a semi-defined personal importance. Say the "We" softly. Report from Part One (1972)


„To be in love
Is to touch things with a lighter hand.

In yourself you stretch, you are well.“

—  Gwendolyn Brooks, Selected Poems
Context: To be in love Is to touch with a lighter hand. In yourself you stretch, you are well. "To Be In Love"


„I am interested in telling my particular truth as I have seen it.“

—  Gwendolyn Brooks
Quoted in her obituary in The Guardian (7 December 2000)

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