Citações Alex Salmond

„Our progressive nationalism goes hand-in-hand with a commitment to internationalism.“

—  Alex Salmond

'Nationalist and Internationalist', Fortnight, No. 291 (Jan., 1991), pp. 16-17.
Contexto: Membership of a supranational economic trading organisation like the EC is the antithesis of 'separation', the meaningless insult directed at the SNP by unionist parties. Membership involves obligations which cede national sovereignty for mutual benefit. Co-operation with our European partners in the functional areas--economic, trading, technical and social policies--offers an independent Scotland the chance to play a reforming part in creating a Europe of equal nations. The EC is by no means perfect and the idea of a centralised European super-state is anathema. Our view of Europe is confederal--each state proud of its national identity but willing to work and co-operate in a powerful partnership... Every member of the SNP signs a commitment to internationalism when they receive their membership card. Our progressive nationalism goes hand-in-hand with a commitment to internationalism.

„I want to be calling the shots, organising the tune.“

—  Alex Salmond

Contexto: My favourite is a hung parliament with 20 SNP MPs. I want to be calling the shots, organising the tune.

„Any house built on sand - big or small - will not survive the storm.“

—  Alex Salmond

Reference to Matthew 7:24-27
Scotland in the World Forum (February 4, 2008), Church of Scotland (May 25, 2009)

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