„You can't patch a wounded soul with a Band-Aid.“

—  Michael Connelly, The Black Echo

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Maxim Gorky photo

„There — you say — truth! Truth doesn't always heal a wounded soul.“

—  Maxim Gorky Russian and Soviet writer 1868 - 1936
Context: There — you say — truth! Truth doesn't always heal a wounded soul. For instance, I knew of a man who believed in a land of righteousness. He said: "Somewhere on this earth there must be a righteous land — and wonderful people live there — good people! They respect each other, help each other, and everything is peaceful and good!" And so that man — who was always searching for this land of righteousness — he was poor and lived miserably — and when things got to be so bad with him that it seemed there was nothing else for him to do except lie down and die — even then he never lost heart — but he'd just smile and say: "Never mind! I can stand it! A little while longer — and I'll have done with this life — and I'll go in search of the righteous land!" — it was his one happiness — the thought of that land. And then to this place — in Siberia, by the way — there came a convict — a learned man with books and maps — yes, a learned man who knew all sorts of things — and the other man said to him: "Do me a favor — show me where is the land of righteousness and how I can get there." At once the learned man opened his books, spread out his maps, and looked and looked and he said — no — he couldn't find this land anywhere... everything was correct — all the lands on earth were marked — but not this land of righteousness. The man wouldn't believe it.... "It must exist," he said, "look carefully. Otherwise," he says, "your books and maps are of no use if there's no land of righteousness." The learned man was offended. "My plans," he said, "are correct. But there exists no land of righteousness anywhere." Well, then the other man got angry. He'd lived and lived and suffered and suffered, and had believed all the time in the existence of this land — and now, according to the plans, it didn't exist at all. He felt robbed! And he said to the learned man: "Ah — you scum of the earth! You're not a learned man at all — but just a damned cheat!" — and he gave him a good wallop in the eye — then another one... [After a moment's silence. ] And then he went home and hanged himself. The character "Luka" in The Lower Depths (1902) English translation by Laurence Irving (1912)

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Huey P. Newton photo

„You can kill my body, but you can't kill my soul. My soul will live forever!“

—  Huey P. Newton Co-founder of the Black Panther Party 1942 - 1989
Last words, quoted in Hugh Pearsons (1994) The Shadow of the Panther, p. 315

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 Molière photo

„Cover that bosom that I must not see:
Souls are wounded by such things.“

—  Molière, Tartuffe
Tartuffe (1664), Couvrez ce sein que je ne saurais voir. Par de pareils objets les âmes sont blessées. Act III, sc. ii

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Philip Doddridge photo

„Dear Saviour! we are Thine,
By everlasting bands;
Our hearts, our souls, we would resign
Entirely to Thy hands.“

—  Philip Doddridge English Nonconformist leader, educator, and hymnwriter 1702 - 1751
Reported in Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), p. 397.

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Simone Weil photo

„If we want a love which will protect the soul from wounds we must love something other than God.“

—  Simone Weil French philosopher, Christian mystic, and social activist 1909 - 1943
Love (1947), p. 62

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„The Muses' friend, Tea, does our fancy aid,
Repress the vapours which the head invade,
And keeps the palace of the soul serene.“

—  Edmund Waller English poet and politician 1606 - 1687
Of Tea. Compare: "The dome of thought, the palace of the soul", Lord Byron, Childe Harold, canto ii. stanza 6.

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