„It is in the interests of both sexes to hear the other sex's experience of powerlessness.“

—  Warren Farrell, Why Men Are the Way They Are (1988), Context: Was it possible for the sexes to hear each other without saying, My powerlessness is greater than your powerlessness? It was becoming obvious each sex had a unique experience of both power and powerlessness. In my mind's eye I began to visualize a listening matrix as a framework within which we could hear these different experiences. It looked like this: p. xvii.

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Warren Farrell photo

„We can decrease abuse and murder when we get that for both sexes, abuse does not derive from power, but powerlessness.“

—  Warren Farrell, book The Myth of Male Power
The Myth of Male Power (1993), Part III: Government as substitute husband, p. 282.

Warren Farrell photo
Warren Farrell photo
Robert A. Heinlein photo

„Sex is rearing its interesting head.“

—  Robert A. Heinlein, Sixth Column
Sixth Column (1949; originally serialized in 1941), Chapter 7 (p. 83)

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„Sex without love is an empty experience. But as empty experiences go, it's one of the best.“

—  Woody Allen American screenwriter, director, actor, comedian, author, playwright, and musician 1935
Love and Death (1975)

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Aldous Huxley photo

„An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex.“

—  Aldous Huxley English writer 1894 - 1963
Attributed, As quoted without citation in Discovering Evolutionary Ecology: Bringing Together Ecology And Evolution (2006) by Peter J. Mayhew, p. 24

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Andy Warhol photo

„Sex is nostalgia for sex.“

—  Andy Warhol American artist 1928 - 1987
undated quotes, Quote from: http://nymag.com/arts/art/features/47184/index3.html

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„Sex is a conversation carried out by other means.“

—  Peter Ustinov English actor, writer, and dramatist 1921 - 2004
As quoted in Marriages and Families (1997) by Mary Ann Lamanna, p. 69

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„There isn't another other sex. (p. 254)“

—  Kingsley Amis, Stanley and the Women
Stanley and the Women (1984)

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