„Look out for number one and try not to step in number two.“

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Rodney Dangerfield
1921 - 2004

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„What is … important is that we — number one: Learn to live with each other. Number two: try to bring out the best in each other.“

—  Jonas Salk Inventor of polio vaccine 1914 - 1995

The Open Mind interview (1985)
Contexto: What is … important is that we — number one: Learn to live with each other. Number two: try to bring out the best in each other. The best from the best, and the best from those who, perhaps, might not have the same endowment. And so this bespeaks an entirely different philosophy — a different way of life — a different kind of relationship — where the object is not to put down the other, but to raise up the other.

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„Now I know many of you today walked in with numbers already swimming in your heads: 360, 16x9, 1080, 8.2 GHz. Well, we'd like to add one more number to the mix. And that number is two.“

—  Reggie Fils-Aimé American businessman 1961

Reference to the big numbers in hardware power and specifications that Microsoft and Sony had mentioned about their upcoming video game consoles
'2' refers to Nintendo having sold two billion games since the NES
On Nintendo
Fonte: E3 2005 Press Event

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„Talk to him of Jacob's ladder, and he would ask the number of the steps.“

—  Douglas William Jerrold English dramatist and writer 1803 - 1857

A matter-of-fact Man, reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).

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„The bodies of which the world is composed are solids, and therefore have three dimensions. Now, three is the most perfect number,—it is the first of numbers, for of one we do not speak as a number, of two we say both, but three is the first number of which we say all.“

—  Aristotle Classical Greek philosopher, student of Plato and founder of Western philosophy -384 - -321 a.C.

Moreover, it has a beginning, a middle, and an end.
I. 1. as translated by William Whewell and as quoted by Florian Cajori, A History of Physics in its Elementary Branches (1899) as Aristotle's proof that the world is perfect.
On the Heavens

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