„Musically, he was like an old man in a boy's skin.“

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„the running boy is inside every man, no matter how old he gets.“

—  Mitch Albom, livro As Cinco Pessoas Que Encontramos no Céu

Fonte: The Five People You Meet in Heaven

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„It is obvious that We have been young. We weren't born old! We have been a child, a boy, a youth, an adult, and finally an old man. Like everyone else.“

—  Haile Selassie Emperor of Ethiopia 1892 - 1975

Interview with Oriana Fallaci as reported in The Chicago Tribune (24 June 1973) (Excerpts online) http://www.jah-rastafari.com/selassie-words/show-jah-word.asp?word_id=int_ori.
Contexto: It is obvious that We have been young. We weren't born old! We have been a child, a boy, a youth, an adult, and finally an old man. Like everyone else. Our Lord the Creator made us like everyone else. Maybe you wish to know what kind of youth We were. Well We were a very serious, very diligent, very obedient youth. We were sometimes punished, but do you know why? Because what We were made to study did not seem enough and We wished to study further. We wanted to stay on at school after lessons were over. We were loath to amuse ourselves, to go riding, to play. We didn't want to waste time on games.

„My man is an ogre and there is nothing he likes better than boys broiled on toast.“

—  Joseph Jacobs, livro English Fairy Tales

English Fairy Tales (1890), Preface to English Fairy Tales, Jack and the Beanstalk

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„No don't you know my daddy told me,
Told me right from the start
About youth.
He said no matter how old a man is,
He's partly a boy in his heart.
Yeah, and that's the truth.“

—  Smokey Robinson American R&B singer-songwriter and record producer 1940

You Can't Let the Boy Overpower) The Man in You (1964
Song lyrics, With The Miracles

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„A man can never quite understand a boy, even when he has been the boy.“

—  G. K. Chesterton English mystery novelist and Christian apologist 1874 - 1936

Wisdom and Innocence: A Life of G.K. Chesterton, Joseph Pearce

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„Because boys lack a biological marker like menstruation, to be man is to be not female.“

—  Camille Paglia American writer 1947

Contemporary feminism called this "misogyny," but it was wrong. Masculine identity is embattled and fragile. In the absence of opportunity for heroic physical action, as in the modern office world, women's goodwill is crucial for preserving the male ego, which requires, alas, daily maintenance. It is in the best interests of the human race, and of women themselves, for men to be strong.
p. 85
Vamps and Tramps (1994), "No Law in the Arena: A Pagan Theory of Sexuality"

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