„daddy says the world is
a drum tight and hard
and i told him
i’m gonna beat
out my own rhythm“


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Vladimir Nabokov photo
Gautama Buddha photo

„In a world become blind,
I beat the drum of the Deathless.“

—  Gautama Buddha philosopher, reformer and the founder of Buddhism -566 - -483 a.C.
Ariyapariyesana Sutta http://www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitaka/mn/mn.026.than.html <!-- MN 26 -->

Virginia Woolf photo
 Enya photo
Musō Soseki photo

„Thus have I rolled my life throughout
Inside and out, reclined, upright.
What is all this?
A beating drum
A trumpet's blare
No more.“

—  Musō Soseki Japanese Zen-Buddhist teacher and landscape architect 1275 - 1351
Japanese Death Poems. Compiled by Yoel Hoffmann. ISBN 978-0-8048-3179-6

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Lou Reed photo

„Nothing beats 2 guitars, drum and bass.“

—  Lou Reed American musician 1942 - 2013
In the liner notes of New York

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 Molière photo

„I saw him, I say, saw him with my own eyes.“

—  Molière French playwright and actor 1622 - 1673
Act V, sc. iii