„A son is a son 'til he gets a wife, but a daughter is a daughter all her life.“


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Dinah Craik photo
Vita Sackville-West photo

„Each flower her son, and every tree her daughter.“

—  Vita Sackville-West English writer and gardener 1892 - 1962
Context: She walks among the loveliness she made, Between the apple-blossom and the water— She walks among the patterned pied brocade, Each flower her son, and every tree her daughter. "The Island", in Bulletin of the Garden Club of America (1929), p. 1, also in Collected Poems (1934), p. 54

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Samuel Johnson photo

„Words are men's daughters, but God's sons are things.“

—  Samuel Johnson English writer 1709 - 1784
Boulter's Monument. (Supposed to have been inserted by Dr. Johnson, 1745.)

Samuel Madden photo

„Words are men’s daughters, but God’s sons are things.“

—  Samuel Madden Irish writer 1686 - 1765
Boulter's Monument (1745). At Madden's request, the poem was revised for publication by Samuel Johnson, some authorities hold that and that this line was an insertion by Johnson; however Johnson's own account was that he had merely "blotted out" unnecessary lines of the poem. See James Boswell, The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D.: Comprehending an Account of His Studies (1791) p. 175. Compare: "Words are women, deeds are men", George Herbert, Jacula Prudentum.

 Plutarch photo

„Hnossi glowered at her daughter, a look cold enough to freeze sunshine and shatter it on the pavement.“

—  Malcolm Azania Canadian politician 1969
Chapter 10 “The Battle of All Mothers, the Mother of All Battles” (p. 298)

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Tony Abbott photo

„I won't be rushing out to get my daughters vaccinated [for cervical cancer], maybe that's because I'm a cruel, callow, callous, heartless bastard but, look, I won't be“

—  Tony Abbott Australian politician 1957
Quoted in "I could be seen as 'cruel' on Gardasil: Abbott" http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/i-could-be-seen-as-cruel-on-gardasil-abbott/story-e6frg6nf-1111112494271, Australian, November 9, 2006.

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Jane Fonda photo

„Being Henry Fonda's daughter got me started. But it didn't keep me working.“

—  Jane Fonda American actress and activist 1937
Jane Would Have Been a Star Even as a Smith. Associated Press/Daytona Beach Morning Journal, 30 June 1963 http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=230eAAAAIBAJ&sjid=OcoEAAAAIBAJ&pg=3114,5294465&dq=the-institution-of-marriage-is-obsolete+fonda&hl=en