„Sadly, I part from you;
Like a clam torn from its shell,
I go, and autumn too.“

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Matsuo Bashō27
1644 - 1694

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„I have torn myself away from pursuing mendicancy in totality to be a part of this world.“

—  Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India 1950
Context: I am not religious. I go to the temple on the Gujarat New Year day. I can't claim to be spiritual because it's a very profound epithet. But, I like it when I get to read or hear anything related to the spiritual world. I have been practicing yoga and meditation for many years. Detachment is something I believe in practising for my spiritual self. In fact, with great difficulty, I have torn myself away from pursuing mendicancy in totality to be a part of this world. The call of the Himalayas has been put on the back burner. When the time is right, it is like crossing from one room to the other for me. You will be surprised to know that despite having lived in this house for 10 years now, until of late, I didn't even know how the entire house looked. I only used spaces like my office, bedroom, dining room and the study. Only when recently there was a move to relocate my library did I take a tour of the rest of the building. That is what I mean by detachment. And, what makes me angry? That's the problem. I don't get angry, but have to enact anger in order to get work done.

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„Autumn returned to Gormenghast like a dark spirit re-entering its stronghold.“

—  Mervyn Peake English writer, artist, poet and illustrator 1911 - 1968
Chapter 28 “Flay Brings a Message” (p. 152)

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