„Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to
self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt,
that's real power.“


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„Fanaticism consists in redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten your aim.“

—  George Santayana 20th-century Spanish-American philosopher associated with Pragmatism 1863 - 1952

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„But what’s also true is that each of us have to cultivate an attitude of tolerance and mutual respect. And for young people, we have to try to encourage each other to be tolerant and respectful. So in the United States, obviously one of the biggest problems historically has been the issue of racial discrimination. And part of our efforts to overcome racial discrimination involve passing laws like the Civil Rights Law and the Voting Rights Law, and that required marches and protests and Dr. King. But part of the effort was also people changing the hearts and minds, and realizing that just because somebody doesn’t look like me doesn’t mean that they’re not worthy of respect. And when you’re growing up and you saw a friend of yours call somebody by a derogatory name, a rude name because they were different, it’s your job to say to that person, actually, that’s not the right way to think. If you are Christian and you have a friend who says I hate Muslims, then it’s up to you to say to that friend, you know what, I don’t believe in that; I think that’s the wrong attitude, I think we have to be respectful of the Muslim population. If you’re Buddhist and you say -- you hear somebody in your group say I want to treat a Hindu differently, it’s your job to speak out. So the most important thing I think is for you to, in whatever circle of influence you have, speak out on behalf of tolerance and diversity and respect. If you are quiet, then the people who are intolerant, they’ll own the stage and they’ll set the terms of the debate. And one of the things that leadership requires is saying things even when it’s uncomfortable, even when it’s unpopular -- especially when it’s unpopular. So I hope that as you get more influence, you’ll continue to speak out on behalf of these values.“

—  Barack Obama 44th President of the United States of America 1961

„USA valiant effort, but no hard luck story. Better team won. Last 16 is about as good as U. S. are, but well respected team now.“

—  Ian Darke British association football and boxing commentator 1950
Twitter https://twitter.com/IanDarke/status/484267783895924736 (2 July 2014).

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„There are many seeming contradictions and even obscurities in the innumerable writings of the church fathers. Our respect for their authority should not stand in the way of an effort on our part to come at the truth.“

—  Peter Abelard French scholastic philosopher, theologian and preeminent logician 1079 - 1142
Context: There are many seeming contradictions and even obscurities in the innumerable writings of the church fathers. Our respect for their authority should not stand in the way of an effort on our part to come at the truth. The obscurity and contradictions in ancient writings may be explained upon many grounds, and may be discussed without impugning the good faith and insight of the fathers. A writer may use different terms to mean the same thing, in order to avoid a monotonous repetition of the same word. Common, vague words may be employed in order that the common people may understand; and sometimes a writer sacrifices perfect accuracy in the interest of a clear general statement. Poetical, figurative language is often obscure and vague. Not infrequently apocryphal works are attributed to the saints. Then, even the best authors often introduce the erroneous views of others and leave the reader to distinguish between the true and the false. Sometimes, as Augustine confesses in his own case, the fathers ventured to rely upon the opinions of others. Prologue as translated in Readings in European History, Vol. I (1904) edited by James Harvey Robinson, p. 450

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„We will not change what we have already announced to the public (regarding minimum wage hike). This is something that the workers have been waiting many months for, and the government should respect the efforts they put into their daily duties.“

—  Jiang Yi-huah Taiwanese politician 1960
Jiang Yi-huah (2013) cited in " Minimum wage hike in place despite GDP http://www.chinapost.com.tw/taiwan/national/national-news/2013/05/01/377440/Minimum-wage.htm" on The China Post, 1 May 2013

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„All mental and moral development is by self-activity. Education is the economizing of self-effort in the direction of all-sided development.“

—  Francis Wayland Parker Union Army officer 1837 - 1902
p. 25; as quoted in Sanderson Beck. Francis W. Parker's Concentration Pedagogy: Education to Free the Human Spirit http://www.san.beck.org/Parker.html, 1996