„Maybe the man had taken the wrong turning, but at least he'd travelled some extraordinary roads.“

— Clive Barker


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Dallin H. Oaks photo

„If we choose the wrong road, we choose the wrong destination.“

— Dallin H. Oaks Apostle of the LDs Church 1932
Be Not Deceived https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2004/10/be-not-deceived, Dallin H. Oaks, October 2004

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„I just said that the Hawkins girl's head was severed and taken up the road about twenty-five to fifty yards and buried in a location about ten yard west of the road. Did you hear that?“

— Ted Bundy American serial killer 1946 - 1989
Discussing the murder of Georgann Hawkins to Detective Robert Keppel, days before his execution. Quoted in Keppel, Robert (2005) The Riverman, Ted Bundy and I Hunt for the Green River Killer. Simon and Schuster, pp. 29

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„The extraordinary woman depends on the ordinary woman.“

— Virginia Woolf English writer 1882 - 1941
Context: The extraordinary woman depends on the ordinary woman. It is only when we know what were the conditions of the average woman's life … it is only when we can measure the way of life and the experience of life made possible to the ordinary woman that we can account for the success or failure of the extraordinary woman as a writer. "Women and Fiction"

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„I don't think anybody doubts whether I've done some bad things. The question is: what, of course, and how and, maybe even most importantly, why?“

— Ted Bundy American serial killer 1946 - 1989
Interview with Bob Keppel days before his execution. audio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QApVwP4AfY8

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