„I would never do anything just for spite.“


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„I would never do something with just puppets. . . But I like the things puppets allow you to do.“

— Julie Taymor American film and theatre director 1952
Context: I would never do something with just puppets... But I like the things puppets allow you to do. I had this puppet Dinah Donewell, and she had this hand puppet named Mr. Pleaser. He was her lap dog who was constantly under her skirt. Now if you did that with actors, people would be offended. But in this case, so what? It was a puppet with a puppet. As quoted in "New York at Work; Puppeteer Creates Shows for Grown-Ups" by N. R. Kleinfield The New York Times (2 July 1991)

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„I never think that anything I do is courageous.“

— Howard Hodgkin British artist 1932 - 2017
As quoted in "Howard Hodgkin: the later, greater Hodgkin" by Karen Wright, in The Telegraph (5 April 2008)

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„I would never do anything to harm the country or anything improper. I think most people who have dealt with me think I'm a pretty straight sort of guy, and I am.“

— Tony Blair former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1953
Trevor Kavanagh, "Blair: My big blunder", The Sun, 17 November 1997, p. 8. Interview with John Humphrys on BBC TV's "On the Record", 16 November 1997.

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„Please do not worry, I never read anything which you write.“

— Mohammad Hidayatullah 11th Chief Justice of India 1905 - 1992
When a colleague in the court had sent him disparaging remarks on the sides and as a foot note on his draft of a judgement with the comment “Please do not read the marginal comments. They are not for your eyes."