„Well, all I know is what I read in the papers.“

Nationally syndicated column number 42, Blames All Ills on Earthquake (1923). This became a remark Rogers often used in his public appearances.
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Will Rogers13
1879 - 1935

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„I know that all this is dull reading, tiresome, perhaps tedious, but it is all necessary.“

—  Miguel de Unamuno 19th-20th century Spanish writer and philosopher 1864 - 1936

The Tragic Sense of Life (1913), VI : In the Depths of the Abyss
Contexto: I know that all this is dull reading, tiresome, perhaps tedious, but it is all necessary. And I must repeat once again that we have nothing to do with a transcendental police system or with the conversion of God into a great Judge or Policeman — that is to say, we are not concerned with heaven or hell considered as buttresses to shore up our poor earthly mortality, nor are we concerned with anything egoistic or personal. It is not I myself alone, it is the whole human race that is involved, it is the ultimate finality of all our civilization. I am but one, but all men are I's.

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„Our life is ordinary,
I read in a crumpled paper
abandoned on a bench.
Our life is ordinary,
the philosophers told me.“

—  Adam Zagajewski Poet 1945

Ordinary Life, Ordinary Life, September 11, 2011, Adam Zagajewski, The New Yorker, November 26, 2007 http://www.newyorker.com/fiction/poetry/2007/11/26/071126po_poem_zagajewski,

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„Love, let others read
The Socratic papers,
While in two beautiful eyes I will apprehend this art.“

—  Torquato Tasso, Aminta

Amor, leggan pur gli altri
Le Socratiche carte,
Ch'io in due begl'occhi apprenderò quest'arte.
Act II, Chorus.
Aminta (1573)

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„I have read their platform, and though I think there are some unsound places in it, I can stand upon it pretty well. But I see nothing in it both new and valuable. "What is valuable is not new, and what is new is not valuable."“

—  Daniel Webster Leading American senator and statesman. January 18, 1782 – October 24, 1852. Served as the Secretary of State for three… 1782 - 1852

Speech at Marshfield, Massachusetts (1 September 1848); reported in Edward Everett, ed., The Works of Daniel Webster (1851), p. 433
Confer Henry Brougham's "What is valuable is not new, and what is new is not valuable." (The Edinburgh Review, The Work of Thomas Young, c. 1802)

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„Read, read, read. That's all I can say.“

—  Carolyn Keene, livro The Secret of the Old Clock

Fonte: The Secret of the Old Clock

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