„This is not a pipe.“

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René Magritte2
1898 - 1967

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„Jack shall pipe and Gill shall dance.“

—  George Wither English poet 1588 - 1667
Poem on Christmas; reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).

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„Mr Chamberlain views everything through the wrong end of a municipal drain-pipe.“

—  Neville Chamberlain Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1869 - 1940
David Lloyd George, as quoted in Rats! (1941) by "The Pied Piper", p. 108; similar remarks have also been attributed to Winston Churchill in later works, including Neville Chamberlain : A Biography (2006) by Robert C. Self, p. 12

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„Audience Member: Hey Mitch, I got something to put in that pipe for ya!“

—  Mitch Hedberg American stand-up comedian 1968 - 2005
Mitch Hedberg: Oh, I bet you do! Only don't think about the fact that there might be police around! What have you got there, we... dope? You fucking doper? [beat] Arrest that dude!!

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„Every morning I wake up and think good, another 24 hours' pipe-smoking.“

—  John Ronald Reuel Tolkien British philologist and author, creator of classic fantasy works 1892 - 1973
A rare interview with Tolkien (1966) — "Tolkien's shire" by John Ezard, The Guardian (28 December 1991) http://www.theguardian.com/books/1991/dec/28/jrrtolkien.classics

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