„The way to move out of judgement is to move into gratitude“

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„History moves in strange ways.“

—  Ram Swarup Indian historian 1920 - 1998

Hindu View of Christianity and Islam (1992)

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„Without moving anything / I want to see / the way this autumn / makes the birds move.“

—  Mirkka Rekola Finnish writer 1931 - 2014

From Syksy muuttaa linnut (Autumn Moves the Birds, 1961. 88 Poems, WSOY, 2000, ISBN 951-0-24783-9. Translated by Anselm Hollo).

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„Ah, when she moved, she moved more ways than one:
The shapes a bright container can contain!“

—  Theodore Roethke American poet 1908 - 1963

"I Knew a Woman," ll. 1 - 4
Words for the Wind (1958)
Contexto: I knew a woman, lovely in her bones,
When small birds sighed, she would sigh back at them;
Ah, when she moved, she moved more ways than one:
The shapes a bright container can contain!

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„It's alright, it's alright, it's alright
She moves in mysterious ways.“

—  Bono Irish rock musician, singer of U2 1960

"Mysterious Ways"
Lyrics, Achtung Baby (1991)

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„History is moving in zig-zags and by roundabout ways.“

—  Vladimir Lenin Russian politician, led the October Revolution 1870 - 1924

Collected Works, Vol. 27, pp. 159–63.
Collected Works

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„Something in the way she moves
attracts me like no other lover.“

—  George Harrison British musician, former member of the Beatles 1943 - 2001

Something (1969)

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