„I found myself jealous of the people who wrote the books. They were dead and they were still taking up my time. Who did they think they were?“

—  Ned Vizzini, livro It's Kind of a Funny Story
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Ned Vizzini2
1981 - 2013

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„I have never ceased to feel that I owe help to the plain people who were my friends. If this book“

—  Walter Rauschenbusch United States Baptist theologian 1861 - 1918
Christianity and the Social Crisis (1907), Introduction, Context: I have written this book to discharge a debt. For eleven years I was pastor among the working people on the West Side of New York City.... I have never ceased to feel that I owe help to the plain people who were my friends. If this book in some far-off way helps to ease the pressure that bears them down and increases the forces that bear them up, I shall meet the Master of my life with better confidence. p.xv

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„I have loved my German people and my fatherland with a warm heart. I have done my duty by the laws of my people and I am sorry this time my people were led by men who were not soldiers and that crimes were committed of which I had no knowledge. Germany, good luck.“

—  Ernst Kaltenbrunner Austrian-born senior official of Nazi Germany executed for war crimes 1903 - 1946
Last words, 10/16/46. Quoted in "The Mammoth Book of Eyewitness World War II" - Page 564 - by Jon E. Lewis - History - 2002

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„Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.“

—  Thomas Edison American inventor and businessman 1847 - 1931
1800s, This is presented as a statement of 1877, as quoted in From Telegraph to Light Bulb with Thomas Edison (2007) by Deborah Headstrom-Page, p. 22.

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„A people who are still, as it were, but in the gristle, and not yet hardened into the bone of manhood.“

—  Edmund Burke Anglo-Irish statesman 1729 - 1797
Second Speech on Conciliation with America (1775), Works of Edmund Burke Volume ii, p. 117

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„There were times when other people said I was on the short list, but as time passed and nothing happened, I didn’t expect the recognition would come because people who were familiar with my work were slowly dying off.“

—  Leonid Hurwicz Russian-American economist and mathematician 1917 - 2008
Quoted in: William Grimes, " Leonid Hurwicz, Nobel Economist, Dies at 90 http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/26/business/26hurwicz.html?_r=0" at nytimes.com, June 26, 2008.

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